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Superstar Secret # 10

Superstar Secret # 10.  They create and jealously guard their brand name credibility.

Superstar Secret # 10

All Superstar Realtors know that their credibility and their brand name is their most important asset. They refuse to do certain things that might undermine their reputation and credibility.

For example, they never promote or recommend something just for the money. A lot of times Realtors can get “hooked” into the temptation of compromising their integrity in order to make a quick buck.

But Superstar Realtors know that everything they do, say and recommend is linked to the credibility of their brand name, so they are very careful to operate with the utmost integrity and ethical standards.

Here are 4 credibility-building PRINCIPLES that superstar realtors live by:

1. They are committed to providing the best overall result for their clients, even if it means turning down extra commission in the short term.

2. They refer only the best service providers to their clients. There is nothing worse then referring a mortgage professional, financial planner, home inspector, or appraiser to a client or prospect for that matter and having their service fall short of expectations. It reflects poorly on your name and your brand identity, so superstar realtors only refer the best of the best service providers that are certain not just to meet, but exceed their clients expectations.

3. They always talk about their client successes to help build their brand name and credibility. There’s nothing more powerful for building your credibility than sharing client successes. That’s why superstar realtors always weave stories, case studies, and testimonials that highlight their clients successes into their ads, sales letters, news letters, brochures, websites, and in their meetings with prospective clients.

4. They use their name as their trademark and their rallying point for their marketing efforts. In short successful relators take their brand name seriously.

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