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Superstar Secret # 12

Superstar Secret # 12.  They create and promote their happiness. 

Superstar Secret # 12

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to notice that there are loads of Realtors out there, and in some cases it almost seems as if it’s reaching the saturation point.

Have you ever had a prospective client say, “I’m already working with a Realtor” or “I’m happy with my current Real Estate Agent”?

What’s the average Realtor’s response to that objection? It’s usually the same old worn out line you hear time and time again , “I’ve got better service or Ok, no problem” sound familiar?

On the other hand, Superstar Realtors have learned to create, and clearly articulate, their unique selling proposition otherwise known as (USP) – something that makes them different from every other Joe Shmoe Realtor out there.

And in case you haven’t noticed, just touting “best service” ain’t going to cut it!

Your USP needs to be something unique and memorable that answers the question in the mind of your prospect: “Why should i do business with you, over all the other options available?”

If you don’t have a compelling answer, don’t be surprised if your clients defect to your competitors.

You don’t have to be strange or outrageous like Richard Branson to have a compelling USP. You just need to be able to clearly articulate what separates you from all the other Realtors out there in a way that will be quickly and easily remembered by your target market.

For example: if your niche is luxury homes, you might title yourself “The Luxury Home Marketing Expert” and your slogan might be “Elite Real Estate Marketing Services for Luxury Home Owners!”

As an added value service, we can provide you with a simple tool called the “performance gap analysis” that allows you to quickly pinpoint your unique advantage within your particular niche market. Then, we can show you how to clearly articulate your USP in such a compelling way that your prospects naturally conclude they’d be crazy not to do business with you. We can even give you several examples of killer USP’s that you can modify and adapt for your own business.

For your FREE Performance Gap Analysis Sheet, call us today! 714.352.0808.


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