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Superstar Secret # 13

Superstar Secret # 13.  They build a solid foundation with multiple marketing pillars. 

Superstar Secret # 13

One of the most common marketing mistakes I see Realtors make is that they only depend on one, two or perhaps three sources for business.

Here’s a helpful question to consider: “What specific strategies are you currently using to generate business?”

Unless you are a Top-Producer, most Realtors will respond by saying, “Oh, i get most of my business through referrals.” Now what’s the problem with this picture?

Imagine for a moment a table with just one leg. that’s right one leg holding the entire table, it looks pretty unstable doesn’t it?

Now add another leg to the table. How stable is it now? Now add another. How stable is it now? How about adding five more legs evenly dispersed under that table? What just happened to the stability of the table?

My point is simple, the tabletop represents your revenue, sales and profits. The legs represent the lead streams flowing into your business. The more streams or sources of revenue that support your business the more stable your sales and profits will be.

In other words, many streams merged together becomes a raging river!

How do you think the Parthenon has stood the test of time for over 3000 years? It has endured through the ages because it is founded upon multiple pillars. Thats what i want for you and your real estate business. I want you to build a power parthenon of perpetual profits. Heh, say that ten times fast.

I don’t care how great and profitable  your primary source of business might be, if that is the only source of business you are relying on, you are still a tipsy table with one leg – You’re setting yourself up for a fall!

That’s why the worst number in business is one. Relying on one lead source, one referral partner, one marketing media, one marketing system, one target market, etc. leads to instability.

If you don’t believe me, let me ask you this. What would happen to your income if that one lead source dried up? Chances are, you’d be out of business!

On the other hand, what would happen to the stability and profitability of your business if you were to systematically add one new marketing leg or pillar to your business each month for the next year? For example:

Month 1: Monthly Direct-Mail Client Newsletter

Month 2: Client Appreciation Party

Month 3: Weekly Video Tips to Clients

Month 4: Weekly Video Tips to Referral Partners

Month 5: WOW Factor Formula Campaign

Month 6: Birthday Call Campaign

Month 7: Best Neighborhood Postcard Campaign

Month 8: Referral Contest

Month 9: Sponsor an Annual Community Event

Month 10: Employee Benefits Program

Month 11: Googly Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign

Month 12: Facebook PPC Campaign

Now just imagine the possibilities once you’ve set up all twelve of those lead generation pillars. Imagine how much more stable and profitable your business would be! Thats the power of building a solid foundation with multiple marketing pillars. Diversification builds stability.

At this point, you’re probably thinking, “Well all this sounds fun and dandy, but I’m already crazy busy. I don’t have time to do all this stuff!” To which i would respond, stop lying to yourself. You have the same amount of time as everyone else on planet earth. 8765 hours a year.

The difference between Superstar Realtors and all the rest is how they use their time. Top producers invest it, lower producers waste it.

It’s not how many hours you put in, but what you put into your hours that counts! So stop telling yourself the lie that you don’t have enough time.

Instead tell yourself the truth: You always have enough time for what matters most!

As an added-value service, we can provide you with a full arsenal of tools and systems to help you build your own Power Parthenon – including Done4U Client Newsletters, referral contest letters, postcards and much much more!

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