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Superstar Secret # 14

Superstar Secret # 14.  They employ direct response advertising for lead generation. 

Superstar Secret # 14

What is advertising? Simply put, advertising is salesmanship or saleswomanship in print.

In essence, advertising allows you to leverage the same marketing message over and over to tens, hundreds and even thousands of targeted individuals at the same time!

When done correctly, advertising can offer tremendous upside returns on your marketing efforts, but done incorrectly, advertising can become a black hole that will suck money out of your bank account dry faster than a vacuum on steroids.

The truth is, it usually doesn’t cost you any more time, energy or money to get your ad to pull 100 leads than it does to pull 10 leads. Regardless of results you pay the same fixed cost.

But only Superstar Realtors know how to maximize and optimize the return they get on every ad dollar they invest. Superstar Realtors understand and abide by the following 10 principles for successful advertising:

Principle #1: Never advertise until you have selected a specific target market. Most realtors waste their ad dollars on generic targeted advertising. I call this spraying and praying.

Principle #2: Understand your target market’s problems, fears and hot buttons as it relates to their real estate needs. In other words, what keeps them up at night? What are the unique challenges you can help solve.

Principle #3: Clearly articulate your unique solution to your target market’s unique problem. This is your unique selling proposition.

Principle #4: Choose the media type that will reach the highest concentration of your target market. For example, if you’re targeting the first time home buyer market in your neighborhood you might place your ad in a local wedding magazine. Your media needs to match your market.

Principle #5:Define the primary objective of your ad – what is your desired outcome? In most cases your primary objective will be to generate qualified buyer and or seller leads.

Principle #6: Use a bold, compelling, attention-grabbing headline that communicates the most meaningful benefit of your offer. Why is this important? Extensive studies have found that your headline is responsible for at least 80% of the success of your ad.

Principle #7: Prove your solution actually works by featuring client testimonials. This helps to build your credibility and dismantle the skepticism in the mind of your prospect.

Principle #8: Have a clear and concise call to action. Tell your audience what specific action you want them to take. In other words what do you want them to do next do you want them to call your number, go to your website, call your 24-hour hotline, don’t assume they know what to do do tell them specifically.

Principle #9: Use education-based marketing to induce the reader to take action by offering a free information product (like a guide, booklet, CD, or DVD) that provides them with relevant and valuable information that they want, in exchange for what you want, their contact info.

Principle #10: Test, Test and Test! Never advertise unless you can measure and track your results. Most Realtors use what i call the swag method for advertising. Scientific wild ass guess they have no idea what the heck they’re doing, remember you can’t improve that which you don’t measure.

In conclusion, those ten principles for successful advertising are the reason why Superstar Realtors consistently generate at least 200-1000% higher response rates on their advertising than the average real estate professional.

How many of those principles are you currently employing in your advertising?

As an added-value service, we can provide you with a war chest of battle-tested Done4U postcards, sales letters and educational consumer guides that you can customize for your real estate business. We can also give you access to our Million Dollar Rolodex with all of our recommended vendors for text capture systems, call capture hotlines, etc.

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