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Superstar Secret # 15

Superstar Secret # 15.  They use public speaking to leverage their marketing efforts. 

Superstar Secret # 15

Public speaking is one of the highest leverage ways to market your real estate services business for the following four reasons…

#1: It positions you as the expert.

Even if you don’t think of yourself as an expert. The mere fact that you are standing up in front of the room positions you as someone who knows what they are talking about.

#2: It gets you free advertising and exposure.

For example, when you do speaking engagements at conferences and sales meetings or something of that nature, the host will usually include your name in the promotion of their event and that advertisement often runs for several weeks prior to the event. So you get your name and the name of your company in front of hundreds of people for free. Just because you’re speaking at the event.

#3: It provides more marketing intimacy.

Public speaking allows your prospects to see you face-to-face, belly-to-belly and connect with you on a personal level. In this environment there is a depth of connection that just simply isn’t available in any other marketing media short of a one on one meeting.

Your audience can see your facial expressions, feel the passion in your voice as you speak and look into your eyes – the gateway to your soul.

When it comes to maximum marketing intimacy combined with maximum reach, there’s really nothing better than public speaking. That’s why some of your very best prospects will often come from your public speaking engagements. They’ve been impacted from a personal and emotional experience with you.

#4: It allows you to market your services to several people at once.

You see, when you go to a networking event, at the very most you’ll only get to market your services to two to three people at once. In contrast, when you do public speaking it allows you to market to dozens – and even hundreds — of people all at once at the same time, giving you more results with less time, energy and effort. That is leverage!

And of course in business, time is money. That’s why we always recommend that you limit the amount of general networking you do and use more of your time for higher-leverage activities like public speaking.

Here are a few examples of hot seminar topics that you can use to attract a stampede of qualified real estate prospects:

1. For Home Sellers:27 Home Seller Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.”

2. For Homebuyers: “15 Homebuyer Mistakes and how to Avoid Them.”

3. For First Time Buyers: “7 Steps to Stop Renting and Own a Home of Your Own Sooner.”

4. For Real Estate Investors: “8 Real Estate Investor Mistakes That Kill Your Profits and Of Course How to Avoid Them.”

So there you have it, I’ve just given you a killer tip for taking your authority, influence and credibility to a whole new level…with public speaking!

As an added-value service, we can provide you with Done-For-You Content for your PowerPoint presentations, seminar feedback forms, seminar space ads, posters and more.

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