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Superstar Secret # 19

Superstar Secret # 19. They use creativity to harness the unparalleled power of strategic alliances. 

Superstar Secret # 19

Strategic alliances are referral partnerships that provide a win-win benefit to both parties.

In most cases, your strategic partners will be other complimentary businesses that have the same target market as you do.

For example, you could partner with…

Relocation agencies…

Wedding coordinators…

Financial planners…


Divorce attorneys…

Real estate attorneys…

Insurance agents…

and of course Mortgage professionals…

The biggest question we hear from realtors on this topic is…“How do i approach prospective referral partners in the right way so they will want to refer business to me?” That’s a good question.

One of the secrets of Superstar Realtors, is that they use their imagination and creativity to add unique value to their strategic partners. They understand that everyone is tuned into the same station. WIIFM? (Whats In It For Me)

They don’t expect to receive referrals just because they exist. They know they need to earn referrals.

That’s why they have consciously chosen to adopt a “go-giver” attitude, with a proactive focus on adding MASSIVE value such that they are seen as an irreplaceable, indispensable asset on their partner’s team.

And it all starts with creativity.

Here are a few powerful questions to start activating your creativity…

1. What are your referral partners’ primary marketing objectives?

For example, a Divorce Attorney’s primary objective might be to attract more clients and exceed their clients’ expectations to they receive more rave reviews and referrals.

2. What are your referral partner’s biggest challenges when it comes to their primary marketing objectives?

For example, due to the emotional and financial turmoil that comes with divorce, all things being equal, people will generally be inclined to pay as little as possible for their Divorce Attorney and just to get the whole thing over with.

3. How can you help your referral partners solve those problems and at the same time, generate more quality leads for your real estate business?

For example, you could provide Divorce Attorneys with a FREE Guide that they can share with their clients titled, “Divorce and Your Home: What You Need to Know Before You Sell Your Home!” This value ad would help the divorce attorney to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Not to mention attract more leads and referrals and here’s the best part:

Each buyer lead you help your Divorce Attorney generate, that they wouldn’t have generated otherwise, becomes a hot new lead for you!

Can you see how this win-win approach to your partnerships would increase the amount of partners you attract, and more importantly, the number of referrals you generate? You better believe it.

What’s more, this value-added strategy positions you as a giver not a taker, a partner not a parasite. And the laws of reciprocity works in your favor to bring you more business than you can handle!

So there you have it. I’ve just given you a great example of how you can use strategic partnerships to take your business to the next level!

As an added-value service, we can provide you with a full arsenal of killer-effective marketing weapons that you can use to add value to your partners, including, but not limited to educational guides yes even that divorce in your home guide I mentioned earlier, monthly client newsletters, referral systems, lead generation systems, postcard campaigns, and much much more!

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