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Superstar Secret # 6

Superstar Secret # 6. They choose a niche and then they dominate it.

Superstar Secret # 6

Most every Superstar Realtor picks a niche to proactively market to and then they dominate that niche.

But interestingly the #1 frustration for most Realtors is linked to fact that they don’t have any focus in their marketing. They don’t have a niche. They are trying to be everything to everybody and here’s the problem with that approach. If everyone is your prospect, no one will be your customer.

When you pick a niche and customize your marketing message to be especially compelling and relevant only to that specific niche, you’ll have more qualified hot for what you got prospects than you ever would trying to be everything to everybody.

Remember, it’s always better to be a meaningful specific than a vague generality.

Put another way it’s much easier to be a BIG fish in a small pond than a small fish in a big ocean.

You’re services are going to be a lot more attractive to those people in a small niche because you’re going to be providing a customed taylored unique solution for their unique problems.

Additionally by marketing to a narrow niche, your name will spread a lot faster because people tend to associate with other people who have the same interests, goals, passions, etc.

They congregate at conferences, trade shows, seminars, and group meetings. They pick up the phone and call each other, the more tightly knit community the faster your name will spread.

On top of that niche marketing allows you to spend less time with duds and more time with studs. Rather than wasting your valuable time with a look you loose and tire kickers and you’ll have highly qualified prospects banging down your door who are pre-sold on working with you before they even meet you and all of this culminates in more income for you with less hassle.

So, what are some possible niche markets?

1. First time buyers

2. Investment properties

3. Vacation homes

4. Self-employed business owners

5. Commercial

6. New construction

7. Luxury Homes

8. Specific ethnic groups usually your own

I could go on and on but you get the idea. Now it’s time to get rich in your niche!

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