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Superstar Secret # 7

Superstar Secret # 7. They employ a consistent and continuous follow-up marketing system.

Superstar Secret # 7

Follow-up marketing is the key to maximizing your client acquisition, referrals and repeat business because not everyone is ready for your services right at this very moment. Not everyone need your services at the time that you meet them, when they initially receive your marketing message.

There was a study done by the International Association of Sales and Marketing Executives that said that 81% of sales come on or after the fifth contact.

In other words, the fortune is always in the follow up!

Remember: people only do business with people they know, like and trust and that high-level of relationship takes some time to cultivate.

The key to creating a successful follow-up marketing system is to make it consistent and relevant.

Consistency is the result of using a system.

I once heard a great definition for the word system by internationally renowned speaker and author Bob Burg. He said:

“A system allows an ordinary person to produce extraordinary results predictably. Without a system, even an extraordinary person will produce ordinary results predictably!” ~Bob Burg. I totally agree.

Systems provide long-term predictable results and these results can be repeated at will. For instance once you implement a successful follow-up system in one niche market, you can easily replicate the exact system in another niche and expect to get the same or even better results.

The word system stands for:








Your follow-up system also needs to be relevant. In other words, what you are sending needs to be perceived by your target audience as valuable, meaningful and applicable to their particular situation.

For example, after your client moves into their new home you could send them a gift basket with a “Welcome to Your New Home” card.

Then on your client’s purchase anniversary date, you could send them a “Homebuyer Anniversary” card.

Or if you’re targeting expired listings, instead of just sending one letter to introduce yourself and the benefits of your services, send three – two weeks apart!

The point is you’ve got to send the right message, to the right people, at the right time. If you neglect to abide by this principle, you might as well flush your hard-earned money down the toilet!

As an added-value service, we can provide you with a virtual war chest of follow-up marketing tools, including but not limited to:

  • Done4U Monthly Client Newsletters
  • Done4U Expired Listing Campaigns
  • Done4U FSBO Campaigns
  • Done4U Postcards
  • And much, much more!

With our ready made systems all you have to do is plug and play.

By the way, if i had to recommend just one follow-up marketing system, it would be a direct mail, monthly client newsletter delivered to your prospects, clients and referral partners every single month – like clockwork.

Yes, it is an investment but the payoff can be extraordinary. Chances are all you need to do is close one extra deal per year as a result of your newsletter to turn a healthy profit! In many cases you can get a two hundred, three hundred, four hundred percent return.

Where else can you get that kind of a return?

For more information on how we can help you grow your business using our proven Done4U marketing systems call us today! 714.352.0808.


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