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Superstar Secret # 9

Superstar Secret # 9. They look for innovative ways to generate publicity. 

Superstar Secret # 9

Superstar Realtors love publicity because it gives them massive free exposure from a credible source, and in the real estate industry, your credibility is everything!

The average Realtor sees publicity marketing as daunting, time consuming and intimidating. It’s no wonder they never get around to doing it!

Superstars, on the other hand, see publicity for what it is – a powerful launching pad that can elevate their positioning in the marketplace as a Real Estate celebrity, authority and expert faster than anything else.

They understand that they get paid more for WHO they are, than WHAT they are. That’s why they make it a top priority to implement innovative techniques that compel the media to give them courage.

Now here’s the secret to getting more media coverage. If you provide the media with what they want, which is quality newsworthy content, they’ll give you what you want, which is quality free exposure from a credible source.

Always remember to offer some free information (like a free report, guide or CD) at the end of your article or interview, so people have a compelling reason to contact you.

As an added value service, we can provide you with highly-effective press release templates and done-for-you lead generation reports that you can copy and utilize for your own use. With our proven templates, you’ll have the keys for unlocking more free publicity for your real estate business.


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